We started watching this new sitcom.. even though it’s a wee bit disturbing for me.. i think .. it hits reality.  You should watch it too.. if you can.

Weeds is a comedy created by Jenji Kohan and produced by Brian Dannelli.
It depicts the lives of many people whi live in a suburb. After her husband’s death, a young woman decides to sell weed to her neighbour to earn some money.
But she discovers that the real life in her “rich” suburb is not well prepared to reveal a behaviour of “drug consumer”. Thus, our poor Nancy (the main character) has a lot of difficulties to succeed in selling her product. But she has to face a lot of other problems like her children, who never listen to her orders.
This series is extremely original and funny. We can discover the attitude of a desperate woman, who is ready to anything to earn her living!

sneak peek