Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

Nanny Insanity


Nanny Insanity is a very funny show – but it also proofs that there are desperate mother like myself who are good hearted and would do just about anything for another person.  I love the foreign accent of the nanny – too funny and the funniest part was when the nanny sent for her mother to come to USA and they hid her in the house and what a hilarious situation when they thought that she was dying of heart attack.  The nanny sure didn’t look like a nanny and her character was overly dramatic if you ask me.  This show is a can watch but don’t expect spectacular acting or even a moral in the storyline.

Cynthia Preston and Larry Dorf star as Marsha and David McMillan, an overwhelmed young suburban couple about to have their first baby. But when they decide to hire an experience housekeeper they instead win up with Ukrainian free-spirit Sophia Petrenko who soon begins secretly inviting her family from the old country to move into her new home. With half of Kiev now hiding in their kitchen, can anything save the McMillan’s from their live-in help? Nanny Insanity is a zany comedy – actually based on a true story, if you can believe that – about domestic imports, strange relatives, and a house gone crazy with, you guessed it, Nanny Insanity.