Daily Archives: May 1, 2010

It’s Complicated


So it is !  but which relationship isn’t right?  and who can resist a movie with Meryl Streep in it with Steve Martin – I don’t care too much about Alec Baldwin but nevertheless – it was a pretty good show.  I know you will like it – if you were a woman.

Meryl Streep plays  Jane, a divorced mom of three grown kids, who runs a popular bakery in Santa Barbara. Though Jane has complete command of her kitchen, whipping up delectable cakes and croissants without even peeking at a recipe, her personal life is more like a fallen soufflé.  Anyhow, to keep the long story short – her ex – husband wants to get back into her life – when she finally met someone she can fall in love with all over again.  So go quickly and rent the movie.