Saw – The Final Chapter

If you watched Saw – The Final Chapter – well – you don’t need any suppressing appetite because the show is gross!!!  I couldn’t believed how much blood they had in the movie – and all the cutting of limbs and ears and eye lid and digging into the skin and trying to hang onto your body weight just with those sharp thing – man!!

This show is about the Jigsaw survivors – who gathered to seek support from a fellow survivor Bobby Degan but Bobby Dagen wasn’t a real survivor it seems – and even his poor wife was taken in by his story and self help book.   But the Jigsaw was out to get all of them – and outwitted even the cops in their own police station.  Anyhow, the movie is gross – so if you are trying to not eat or lose some weight – this show may just do it for some – else of course – you look for the real diet pills – or appetite suppressant – but this show did it for me.

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