Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Handheld Steamer For Clothes

I’ve always wanted a steamer for my clothes and its wrinkles – but I’m too el cheapo to spend so much money – so when I saw this on sale for only $29 – you can go too wrong with it right?  This little steamer heats up within 2 – 3 mins max and sends out 850 watts of steam – but wait – it only works for 14 mins and you only need to use tap water.  But 14 minutes seems a little short for steaming your clothes?  what if you have lots of clothes to get wrinkles out of?  darn !!   As much as I want to get this – I’m worried I’m not going to get much done – but if you need a quick run over to get rid of just one dress or blouse – well – here is the thing for you.