Latex Beds for Better Sleep

Seriously, I’ve never heard of Latex bed – and this is supposed to give you a better sleep because it is made breathable and sustainable natural latex.   It has a salt based solution that works to destroy common home odor like pets and body odor and laundry and more.  Has a built in stain protection – so even if you spill something on it – or you have your menses – at a time y ou weren’t expecting it – it is not gonna stain the mattress.  Also this mattress has an anti-micobial as well as hypoallergenic and prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.  Pretty neat – but how can one get a good sleep with such a think mattress i hear you say.   I too wonder – so I’m going to be doing a little investigation because I’m looking at getting a twin bed for my kids.  Be prepare to spend like $500 on a piece of twin size mattress.

December 25, 2011 · Posted in Gadgets/Geeky, Life, Musing, Shopping  


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