Daily Archives: April 30, 2012

Raising Bail Money Thru’ PayPal For Anna Gristina

I’ve been following the Anna Gristina story for a long time now and even though I often wonder why  her bail was set so high – $2 million in bond or $1 million in cash – I think it would be impossible to raise her bail.  Her husband had set up a website called – helpanna.org for folks to donate money for her bail  but the money will be donated to a charitable organization once her trail is over or if she is convicted instead of returning them to the senders/donaters.  I think if people were to know that they might eventually get their money back – the more likelyhood they would donate?  even though they might not want it back?   Anna had pleaded not guilty right from the beginning of the trial and is in hold up in a terrible place – in solitude.  It must be hard on her and her family – no one should be placed on bail that high especially if she didn’t kill anyone or cheated anyone of any money.  The law may not like what she is doing but she definitely did not deserve what she is getting.