DIY Home Project

The brother in law is quite the handy man and loved tinkering with old cars, trucks and even tent trailers.  Bought this vintage thing from 1976  and since it has some dent and holes in them – he is going to fixed it up himself in the backyard.   Using his miller welders  that he had gotten for Christmas – he said he is able to do his home project on his own without any help. Don’t you just loved a handy man like him – a wee bit different from the Asian fellas I’ve grown up with, they are not very much into doing it themselves – would rather bring it to the garage would be what my nephews would say but the brother-in-law – he’s gung-ho about all the fixing of his trucks, the iron grill gate and even the 4 wheelers.  Seen him do his own welding plenty of times while visiting out there.

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